About Us

Kristine, Artist and Illustrator at Curated Dry Goods

I’m Kristine, the artist behind Curated Dry Goods.

I started creating art as a form of therapy. Bright colors bring me JOY and Curated Dry Goods is my way of sharing that joy with you. I truly believe that art can heal and connect us, and I hope I can help to bring a little color to your world. Thank you for following along!

Boring Stuff

I’m a Florida State University alum with a degree in Clothing, Textiles and Merchandising. I grew up in Central Florida on fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in my backyard. I’m an amateur yogi and I think Florida’s springs are magical. I drink way too much boba and watch way too much Bravo.

Get in touch

Say hello! Send me an email at info@curateddrygoods.co or fill out the contact form. I’d love to hear from you.