Why I chose to create eco-friendly stationery

Why I chose to create eco-friendly stationery

July 22, 2019

Citrus and orange stationery, eco-friendly, made from 100% post-consumer waste, pictured on a blue background

Love notes that love the planet.

In a world where everything is fast and disposable, creating one more product that made more waste just didn’t seem right. When I found out that my stationery printer carried a line of paper made with 100% post-consumer waste, it only seemed right to print my next round of notecards on eco-friendly paper.

What is post-consumer waste?

Post-consumer waste is all of the things we would routinely throw away. Things that are broken, disposable, or no longer needed are all considered post-consumer waste. When a product is made of post-consumer waste, it uses discarded materials and recycles them to create a new product, like eco-friendly stationery.

Beyond eco-friendly notecards.

When you purchase an eco-friendly notecard, it comes to you with an envelope made with 100% recycled materials. You can even choose to have your notecards shipped free of plastic. They’ll be carefully packaged with recyclable materials like paper and cardboard.

My goal is to make every part of the packaging and products I create made from eco-friendly, recyclable, or reusable materials. As with all things, it will take time to find suppliers and manufacturers that incorporate eco-friendly practices into their business. My eco-friendly stationery is just one step in that direction.